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Our technology


Beyond logging into dozens of apps daily.

Beyond juggling numerous systems that don't communicate with each other.

Beyond wasting time and making mistakes by manually entering data.

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Stellar empowers you to go beyond. We believe that no human should do what a machine can do. Our intelligent system simplifies and streamlines your operations, and with automated data transfer and unified contact records, you’ll pursue your mission more efficiently than ever.


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The unified contact record is the crux of Stellar technology and the backbone of your operation.

Track and view everything related to a specific contact, including:

  • Donations

  • Pledges

  • Registrations for past and future events

  • Demographic information

  • Email, text, and phone communications

  • Work and family relationships

  • Groups to which they belong

  • Tags that you have applied to them

  • Editing history

  • Fee management

  • Manual notes you have created for them

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Screenshot of the Unified Contact Record feature in Stellar

 It's never been easier to access a contact's engagement history.

Complete Donation Platform

Stellar's advanced giving platform lets your donors give in various ways, whether it be through:

Cash Donations


ACH Payments



QR Code Scan-to-Give

Giving your donors so many ways to give, especially electronically, results in a stronger, healthier, and more predictable bottom line for your organization. Stellar also records each gift in the correct contact's profile and then pushes it down to Quickbooks Online.

Events and registrations

Our robust event management system empowers you to create events from scratch and customize every aspect of them, including:

Event Registration Windows

Payment Plan Options

Hard and Soft Capacity Limits

Required Registrant Fields

Applying Scholarships to Registrations

Invitation and Registration Page Content

Upgrade and Downgrade Options

Promo Codes, Discounts, and Late Fees

 Filter contacts throughout the registration process and easily communicate with them directly through Stellar. Track and view registration and revenue data – crucial figures for your operation.

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Trinity of harmony between operations, finance, and technology teams

A central location where all data is stored allows for automatic data transfer - operations can now work seamlessly with your finance committee, all supported by your formidable technology department.

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All transactions are automatically recorded in our QBO integration. Easily access a variety of financial tools in Stellar, from donation reports to vendor management to inventory tracking.

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No more manually entering and moving data. Spend your time better by pursuing your mission rather than constantly asking other departments for information.

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Poorly conceived technical solutions and no holistic view of an organization always lead to a mess. Stellar turns your technology department into a fierce weapon in achieving your mission.


We know it's a lot to swallow, so send us a quick message if you've got any questions. We'd be excited to chat about everything Stellar can do for your organization!

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