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Stellar is the indispensable administrative system. It defies impossibility with elegance, speed and flexibility.

Elegance, Speed,
and Finesse

Stellar's robust toolset can help you go to a whole new level when it comes to tracking administrative datapoints, financials and management in your organization. You can be in control of your company data model, streamline financials and finally have that singular unified contact record where all points of data meet regarding your organization's constituents and members.


Use Stellar to:

  • Manage Donations

  • Run free and paid registration events

  • Track changes across your data

  • Unified timeline to see interactions

  • Handle Group Management

  • Address Tag Management

  • Report on events and donations

  • Streamline bookkeeping tasks

  • Communicate with constituents (email and text)

  • Acknowledge monetary and non-monetary gifts

  • Beautify your donation and registration pages

  • Craft custom receipts, messages and printable PDFs

  • Generate certificates

  • Assign roles and responsibilities

  • Create and assign tasks, touchpoints and more

  • Keep internal administrative notes

  • See and maintain family relationships and addresses

  • Review registration processes/stop gaps

  • Deal with refunds, non-refundable deposits

  • Smart Scholarship Handling

  • Administrate events, activities and waitlist support

  • Upgrades and downgrades for registrations

  • Use fees, discounts and promos

  • Manage a product list and generate invoices

  • Collect online payments and donations

  • ... so much more

Colleagues at Work


Custom Fields

You can create data fields for what you need where you need it. From contact profiles to groups, events, registrations and more. You're in control of what to make and what to store.

Custom Dashboards

Stellar's member portal can be configured once for all, while the administrative dashboard is user-by-user. This means each admin can setup their own dashboard watch for important metrics such as inbound communications, registrations, attendance, and donations and more. 

Better understand your organizations performance. Track the progress of administrative, financial, and outreach goals. Maximize resources and make informed decisions about future operations, programs, and investments.

Custom Reporting

Integrate with MailChimp, Slack, Twilio, FreshChat, reCAPTCHA, and Shopify. Automate a multitude of administrative tasks. Streamline and increase the efficiency of your operations such as automated labeling and grouping and even automated deliverable reports

Mobile Access

Allow members to stay connected and access information from anywhere. Streamline administrative tasks such as donations, event registrations, attendance tracking, and volunteer signups.


Manage marketing, newsletters, unsubscribes, do-not-contacts as well as manage and deliver email templates, printable templates and more to spread your message and keep in touch with your constituents.

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Discover what Stellar Web Systems

can do for you organization!

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