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Take your donor and donation management to new heights


Discover a better way to manage your donations with Stellar Web Systems. Record and track donations, improve donor relations and communication, simplify online giving, provide end-of-year statements, and ensure accurate financial reporting.

For Donors: 

  • Simple Donation Pages

  • Optional Online Portal

  • Individual or Recurring Gifts

  • Pledges

  • Payment Card / Account Management

  • Amount and Next Date Management

  • Saved Payment Methods

  • Self-Serve Year End Statements


  • Track and Respond to Successful and Failed Donations

  • Electronic or Printed Acknowledgements

  • Check and Cash Donation Handling

  • Recurring and Large Donor Grouping

  • Soft Credits

  • LTV 

  • Manage and Create Single and Recurring Donations

  • Flexible Donor Reporting

  • Donor/Donation Overview Reporting

  • Integration Management

  • Standardize Reports include LYBUNT, SYBUNT, Recurring Donors, Donor Falloff, Year End, Fund Specific Reporting and more.

  • Customizable Receipt Templates

  • Wealth Screening



Donation Tracking

Accurately and effectively record donations. Better understand financial positions and make informed decisions. Identify significant donations and donors as well as potential areas for growth.

Recurring Donations

Receive a consistent and steady stream of income with regular monthly or quarterly donations. Reduce time and resources spent on fundraising while maintaining financial stability year over year.

Provide digital or printed record of payments and donations. Ensure that all donors are correctly credited for their contributions. Utilize records for budgeting and planning purposes.

Receipts & Statements

Donor Database

Organize donor information while tracking donor engagements and trends. Send thank you emails and other notifications to donors.

Pledge Management

Record and track pledges for future donations. Maintain a clear understanding of the budget and future financial commitments. Plan ahead for future budgeting and fundraising needs.

PCI Compliant

Protect collected and stored confidential personal and financial information. Reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft. Ensure that all payment transactions are conducted securely.

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Discover what Stellar Web Systems

can do for you organization!

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