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Discover a better Church Management Software (ChMS) with the Stellar…


Stellar tracks and organizes all the crucial data your church needs to carry out its mission. Spend less time on management and more time on ministry.



Make tedious tasks a thing of the past. Eliminate human error with automatic data flow between all of your applications. Easily communicate with parishioners, create custom to-do lists, and build detailed reports to make your daily life simpler.


Utilize your team more efficiently by eliminating manual data entry and tracking tasks so more time can be spent on what matters most. Slash operating costs, increase donations and event participation, and ultimately, your bottom line.


Say goodbye to complicated, inadequate registration systems. Stellar stores and tracks all your contacts and their activity in one place, allowing you to easily track classes and attendance. Registering for events will be easier than ever.


Member Management

Member Directory

Stellar's toolset is essential for church administrators. Keep your database of church members that includes a complete view of all contact information, roles and positions, and engagement history. See all communications, participations, and transactions for each church member in one place.

Small Group Management

An important tool for church administrators. Create group tags and use them to organize church members. Build and maintain families and communities based on relationships, demographics, and shared interests.

Provide church members with online access to individual and family member profiles. Allow them to personalize, update, and share important information, documents, and resources, to communicate with each other, and to stay engaged and active with regards to events and donations.

Member Portal

Member Communications

Communicate via phone, SMS text, and email directly from Stellar while building trust, strengthening relationships, and ensuring that members feel a sense of belonging. Inform church members of opportunities to serve, volunteer, or give financially.


Needing a sacramental registry? We've got an extension specifically for that. Print certificates and notification letters in a click. Use relationship data to populate fields while tracking everything you'd need to in a traditional physical registry.

Donation Management

Let's face it.

There's a lot of tools that can take donations on your behalf. None of them make you say "That's Stellar!"

We decided to address that.

Online and Offline Donations

Online Giving - Increase giving by making it secure, quick, and easy to donate with ACH or Credit Card payment processing. Provide transparent, detailed, and accurate financial records while monitoring donor contributions. 


Accurately and effectively record donations. Better understand financial positions and make informed decisions. Identify significant donations and donors as well as potential areas for growth.

Recurring Donations

Accurately and effectively record donations. Better understand financial positions and make informed decisions. Identify significant donations and donors as well as potential areas for growth.

Pledge Management

Record and track pledges for future donations. Maintain a clear understanding of the budget and future financial commitments. Plan ahead for future budgeting and fundraising needs.

Receipts & Statements

Provide digital or printed record of payments and donations. Ensure that all donors are correctly credited for their contributions. Utilize records for budgeting and planning purposes.

Donor Database

Organize donor information while tracking donor engagements and trends. Send thank you emails and other notifications to donors.

Image by Jongsun Lee

Administrative Powerhouse

Custom Dashboards

Keep track of important metrics such as inbound communications, registrations, attendance, and incoming donations. Maintain a more comprehensive or a more specific view of the operations that apply to your position within your organization.

Custom Reporting

Better understand your organizations performance. Track the progress of administrative, financial, and outreach goals. Maximize resources and make informed decisions about future operations, programs, and investments.

Stellar's Event Registration Suite boasts of everything you could need to register members for events. Paid, free, parent-child registration wizards, parents communications and so much more. Early Bird Discounts, Scholarships, Membership Discounts, Upgrades, Group Discounts and even late fees.

Event Registration Suite


If Stellar can't do it, we integrate with what can. We take great pride in building and maintaining truly deep integrations with our tech partners.

Running an online store through Shopify? Using MailChimp for newsletter delivery and management?

Use the right tool for the right job. Although Stellar toolset is truly astounding, there are good reasons to use other systems connected to it.


Stellar's accounting backbone is Quickbooks Online. It's optional, but it takes an incredible burden off your staff's back when active. No administrative system has ever been built with such deference and care for your back office financial operations.

Benefit from Stellar's automated pushes to QBO, creating contact records, invoices and payments automatically while still leaving your bookkeeping team in control of the products and classes operating there.




When you come online with Stellar, we're treating you to a whole new level of support. We pride ourselves on being second to none when it comes to caring for our clients.

We welcome you to enjoy US based phone and zoom support. Highly responsive customer success agents that we're certain you'll never want to do without.

Let's face it. We live in a world where data security and system stability create genuine concerns for your church and your members. You don't take it lightly.


Neither do we.

Stellar's system is PCI compliant and all connections are encrypted. Always.

Worried about your database provider selling or mining your information? It won't happen. It never has and it never will with Stellar Web Systems.

We're returning to form when it comes to customer service and contracts. What would you say to someone who told you that you could enjoy a STELLAR customer experience without contracts?

We do not make our clients sign contracts. No duration. That's right. No contracts. None. Zero.


Contracts do not benefit you. They benefit the service provider. You're locked in. Stuck. We said no. Not a single one of our clients suffers from a contract. Guess how that shapes our attitude towards our customers? We treat you like you can leave anytime you want to ... because you can.


 You've spent long enough praying for a new administration system. It's time you empowered your Church with Stellar.

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