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-Very Rev. Christopher Brashears

“This has been a great experience. Are they paying me to say that? Nope, I'm paying them...and couldn't be happier. We went with another company for a time, which was a terrible experience; everything was complicated and convoluted. This is day to that night-experience. Working with Jason and his team is incredible; it's not like other experiences where you don't matter. It honestly feels like they are waiting just to help us; our tickets get a very quick response. The system is super intuitive and easy to use. Jason and his team are constantly taking feedback and adding in new features; it really helps to have a programmer who knows what's possible and how to make it happen. The results in just the first couple of months: we've had 4 times as many people sign onto online giving and many more times the registrations that we ever had on the other system. This is a dynamic time to be onboard. If you're like us, who tried others and were disappointed, give them a try. I really couldn't ask for more.”


What kinds of contracts do clients need to make?

How about none? We don't make our clients sign contracts. That means we need to support them like they can leave at any time ... because they can. A business model like this changes the way you can look at your clients. We're not changing it any time soon.

How does Stellar handle customer support?

We take customer support very seriously, but we actually call it Customer Success. We know Stellar's an incredibly powerful system. Even though we've spent painstaking hours making it as user friendly as we can, we know how incredibly complex and robust it is. We're here for phone, email and chat support all the time. Our support is 100% US based to ensure you're heard, understood and helped. You matter. We remember that every day.

We take our new clients through a totally custom training series to ensure they're trained on the tools, functions and processes that their business requires. We don't waste time showing you or configuring things you don't need. After that ... we're there for you. Whenever you need us. We've embedded a helper bug in the lower right corner of every single Stellar administrative page. We're never far from you.

Is it hard to get onboarded with Stellar?

It's a pretty daunting to task when it comes to bringing on a new database and administrative system to power your organization, right?

We know. But we've got good news for you. That's what we do! What if we told you that we...

1) ... Personally train you, over Zoom, but that's only if we can't drive to you.

2) ... Migrate your data over for you! Yep. We do it, we don't make you.

3) ... Provide technical and data integrity services during your onboarding

4) ... Help manage recurring donor transitions to your new platform

What kinds of limits or there?

Believe it or not, we've worked incredibly hard to remove these and at this point, the answer is ... there isn't any. How does this work, you ask?

Most database platforms will limit you:

  • Administrative Logins

  • Number of Records

  • Quantity of Transactions

  • Finite amount of registrations

  • Communication Activity (e-mails or SMS messages)

But our model actually has no limits, nor does our billing system work on any of these parameters. We've uncovered what is probably the most honest way to charge for a system as powerful as Stellar and it's rather unique. We'd call it a Fair Pay model because there's never any surprises with billing.

What is Stellar's technology based on?

For the most part, we do keep this under wraps. But there's some neat things we can share with you anyways.

Stellar's platform is built from the ground up. It's not a fork of any other technology. Why would this matter to you? You may not realize it, but the web is fraught with bots constantly trying to penetrate and attack systems. Because we've created a fresh, new, modern and powerful platform from the ground up, that means it's not vulnerable to the same weaknesses that other systems and databases have.

Beyond that, Stellar's interface is built on modern web systems and design principles that allow us to design and develop with astonishing speed while maintaining a level of performance that's truly satisfying.

As expected, we are PCI compliant and 100% of the connections to our platform are secure. We'll refuse anything that isn't encrypted.

Scalable? Is that what you're asking? Yes. Stellar's system model is a cellular design. That means we can allocate resources to any instance of Stellar at any time. If you've got something big coming, we can respond. Each Stellar instance can operate completely unaware of any other Stellar instance. This level of segmentation keeps your data clean, separated from any other Stellar client and grants us the power to manage your instance apart from any other client if we need to. We don't store all our eggs in one basket. Everyone has their own basket.

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