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Finally - a registration platform that can be customized to your company's needs!


Take control of your events with Stellar Web Systems. Plan, organize and execute with a smarter system that supports you through logistics, invitations, registrations, stop-gaps and communications.


With Stellar you can manage:

  • Pre-Registration Windows

  • Main Registration Windows

  • Capacity

  • Customizable Registration Forms

  • Invitation Page Content

  • Registration Page Content

  • Abandoned Registrations

  • Pricing

  • Payment Plans

  • Early Bird Discounts

  • Member Discounts

  • Late Fees

  • Registration Upgrades

  • Templated Confirmations and Rejections

  • Parental Communications

  • Event Logistics

  • Registration Status

  • Non-Refundable Deposits

  • Check Payment Support

  • Registration Payment Support

  • Scholarship Handling

  • Post Registration Content and Communication

  • Event Related File Management

  • Financial Overview and Breakdown

  • Attendance

  • Assignable Responsibilities



Event Builder

A useful tool for administrators. Build and customize events with a plethora of event types, various pricing options like upgrades, discounts, late fees, and promo codes, hard or soft capacity limits, and templated email invitations.

Event Registration

Choose from standard, simple, or customized required fields on registration forms. Accept fee payments all at once or over time with custom payment plans.

Maintain an accurate record of members and visitors at an event. Monitor growth and engagement levels in order to more effectively plan and allocate resources. Identify potential new members and develop outreach strategies to engage them.

Attendance Tracking

Child Check-in

An important safety measure for administrators. Guarantee that children are safe, secure, and accounted for. Confirm that parents can be contacted if needed.

Volunteer Management

Provide clarity of roles and expectations while facilitating communication among volunteers and staff. Allow for recognition and appreciation of volunteers for their valuable contributions.

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Discover what Stellar Web Systems

can do for you organization!

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