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At Stellar Web Systems, we’re passionate about building new innovative products that will disrupt the industry while pushing your organization to success. We focus on engineering powerful cloud based tools aimed at simplifying business and non-profit tasks in order to let them achieve greater success, better efficiency and lower overhead costs.

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With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance our users’ every day experiences. Founded in 2016, our incredible team of engineers, programmers, designers and accounting professionals have worked tirelessly to bring Stellar Web Systems to the forefront of the industry.

Our platform solves a variety of administrative headaches for any business.

We have also developed specialized solutions for select industries where we have seen consistent struggles for our clients.



The Possibilities Are Endless

Our flagship online application is a robust contact, revenue and event management system. It streamlines financial data into your accounting solution, helps organize and structure your constituent data and unifies your company’s critical operations. With Stellar you can spend more of your precious time and resources on your mission and less time managing data and operations.

Many organizations struggle with data in different systems which don’t talk to each other. Overcoming this is generally expensive and time consuming. Stellar is designed to help keep track of this data while providing a powerful easy to use toolset for managing essential operations. We help you streamline your critical business operations so you can see the big picture in one centralized system while still retaining internal security controls to limit who has access to what information.




Operations and Donor CRM

Since Stellar manages both donations and event registrations, it’s a single application that can give you the full picture of how your constituents are interacting with your organization. Our Unified Contact Record helps you see exactly what’s been happening when you access a record.

1) Keep track of communication history
2) Send emails and SMS messages directly from the system
3) Create tasks / todo items, Internal Notes
4) Build your own templates for acknowledgements
5) View and Manage recurring donations and event registration payments

6) Record checks, soft credits, recurring and single transactions
7) Family and Business Relationships
8) Contact groups, tags and totally customizable fields and properties
9) Merge duplicates
10) Unified timeline view to see all activity in one easy to read vertical view

11) Control roles and login access and password
12) Send contacts to yourself through email or directly to your cell phone

13) Automatic history tracking

Event Management Suite

If you’re registering people for events, Stellar’s powerful toolkit gives you the means to

manage anything you can throw at it.
1) Free or paid events
2) Support for single payment, deposits, recurring payment plans
3) Upgrades, down grades
4) Early bird discounts, membership discounts, percentage or flat promo codes
5) Leadership management both internal and external
6) Track registrants through incomplete, ready for review, completed and confirmed states

7) Shareable fee assistance links that never expose personal information
8) Send templatized emails to the entire event registrants, or those in a particular status
9) Customize your content including images and text throughout the registration process

Streamlining the Back-office

Non-Profits often have to deal with fees and donations and many systems simply cannot handle both. Stellar flawlessly eliminates this common frustration and boasts a very powerful accounting integration (currently connected with Quickbooks Online) and gateway integration. This means it can manage your electronic transactions, check and cash transactions, while also pushing them into your accounting solution based on the configuration your finance team sets. This means your finance team can work with incoming data and operations team members can record checks and manage donations, marketing, and events while never accessing the accounting solution.

Once you configure your donations funds and event registrations, Stellar will create contacts, invoices, sales receipts and transactions while obeying the products and class map you've configured. This means the hours and days of manually entering data into your accounting solution are officially behind you! Stellar moves the data for you! This means less time inputting data and more time focused on your mission and outreach.

Customizable and Expandable

We know that no singular tool could do everything for everyone out of the box. Stellar allows you to build customizable dashboard modules, custom registration processes, custom reports, custom workflows and custom automated actions to do whatever you want it to do. The possibilities are endless! 

Front End Support

Whether your constituents are making donations or managing event registrations for themselves or their family members, the simple but powerful front end experience lets them update their own credit card information, change donation dates, manage registrations, see previous payments and donations and manage their family.


"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground"

Theodore Roosevelt



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