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STELLAR:  Your Non-Profit's indispensable administrative system.

Many organizations simply accept that certain tasks are inefficient, frustrating and tedious. Not here. The Stellar platform is not only incredibly powerful, but it's also uniquely flexible. Built from the ground up with non-profit organizations in mind, Stellar is uniquely suited for the work other systems simply cannot do well.

The premier all-in-one management software solution for churches, schools, missions, camps, and non-profits. Stellar's unparalleled software solution has everything you need to effectively manage and operate your organization. 


It's time your administrative system and database worked for you.

Whether you're working for a church, a camp, a school or any other non-profit, we know you're:

  • Have valuable data in multiple places

  • Using apps that don't connect with each other

  • Entering data into multiple systems

  • Struggling with data visibility

  • Missing great tools for your constituents

  • Struggling with speed, communications or ease of use

I just wanted you to know how much I personally enjoy using Stellar as a sort for our keeping all our clients safely in one place. I love the ease of tracking our donations and the availability of being able to send emails to thank our donors immediately. Now with online classes taking place Stellar has been the perfect fit for registrations and so much more.


Manager of Customer Service - Magis

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Discover what Stellar Web Systems

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