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Stellar Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations.


Stellar Web Systems

It's time your administrative systems, data and processes worked for you.

Take a different approach ...

Many people simply accept that certain tasks are inefficient, frustrating and tedious.The Stellar platform is not only incredibly powerful, but it's also uniquely flexible.


We took great care in building it from the ground up with non-profit organizations in mind. Stellar is suited for the work other systems simply cannot do well.​


To achieve that, we set about creating a highly flexible software solution that serves all kinds of non-profits including churches, schools, missionary driven organizations,  camps and more!


Not only can our team provide the system, but we can also provide custom processes and pipelines tailored to fit your organization.





Stellar can unite data from various systems and spreadsheets into a a powerful centralized tool so information is on your constituents is at your finger tips.

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The Stellar Web Systems platform is easily customizable to fit all virtually any need. Streamline your data and build a company data system that works.

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Spend less time managing software and data and more on your mission. Invest your energies, don't waste them.

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The Stellar interface is designed to be easy to use for both front-end and back-end users. Everyone can find what they need when they need it.

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Our experience with Stellar has been nothing short of excellent from beginning to end. As full-time missionaries starting a new organization, we love that Stellar works as our all-in-one system, saving us time and energy and giving us the freedom to actually do what we are passionate about as missionaries!


Stellar has been accommodating and flexible with all of our needs and has provided more than outstanding support. Having previously served with other major missionary organizations who utilized multiple platforms to manage and contact donors, process donations, and handle accounting, I can honestly say that Stellar is not only the best software but was a solution to a problem I didn't even realize could be solved!

I would highly recommend any missionary organization or church to switch or start with Stellar Web Systems.


Missionary - Every and All

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