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Company Directive

To engineer powerful cloud based tools aimed at simplifying business and non-profit tasks in order to let them achieve greater success, better efficiency and lower overhead costs.


The tool, Stellar is a singular control interface which has been built from the ground up to manage relationships in a uniquely capable web based application. Stellar is able to manage contacts, groups and events. It will keep track of registration, payments, donations and handle them all from one simple place where you can use customized dashboards to see and review your organization's health.


Stellar has been constructed on three pillars. With these three systems working together and interfacing with your website, you can spend more time with your mission, and less time juggling the menial tasks of the day to day.

  1. Contacts
  2. Registrations
  3. Financial

Flexible Implementation

Stellar is a robust tool for managing your organizations constituents, events, registrations, and donations which is constantly under development. Each stellar client has a unique instance and configuration which enables you to create new fields, hide fields which don't apply to your organization. It's also mobile ready so you can manage your organization from a phone or tablet just as easily as you could on a computer.

Latest News

Stellar development continues! The long list of features may be growing rather than shrinking!

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