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The right tools for the right job when it comes to member management

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Discover a better way to manage your members with Stellar Web Systems. Efficiently and effectively manage your contact records. Stellar can keep track of:


  • Basic Contact

  • Phone Numbers

  • Addresses

  • Email Addresses

  • Participation

  • Donations

  • Fees

  • Family Members

  • Work Associations

  • Communications

  • Interactions

  • Notes

  • Tags

  • Groups

  • Flexible Data Fields

  • Saved Payment Methods

  • Recurring Transactions

  • Social Media Profiles


Gain insights, make decisions, and develop strategies to better serve your members.

Group Hug



An essential tool for administrators. Keep a database of members that includes a complete view of all contact information, roles and positions, and engagement history. See all communications, participations, and transactions for each member in one place.


Communicate via phone, SMS text, and email directly from Stellar while building trust, strengthening relationships, and ensuring that members feel a sense of belonging. Inform members of opportunities to serve, volunteer, or give financially.

Provide members with online access to individual and family member profiles. Allow them to personalize, update, and share important information, documents, and resources, to communicate with each other, and to stay engaged and active with regards to events and donations.


Use Stellar to track and manage membership as well as it's perks! Manage membership manually or with purchases, annual renewals, store purchases or even donation requirements.

Track, Communicate, Nurture and develop your membership!

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Discover what Stellar Web Systems

can do for your organization!

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