As our customers know ... we're always working on new features. We never quit. We never stop. We keep going.

Below you'll find out what we've launched in our latest release!

Transaction Tagging

Transaction Tagging

You can now apply your tags to transactions just like contacts, groups, events and registrations. The tag detail modal lists these just like you'd expect.

File Resource Manager

File Resource Manager

Stellar can now store any type of media file and make it available to you for embedding in your email templates.

Event Attributes in Email Templates

Email Templates

You can now take the fields you use in your event and dynamically put that data into your email templates.

  • Expanded data import tools to import multiple phone numbers and company associations

  • Better workflow for texting data to the system as an administrative user

  • Improvements to creating new groups

  • Various improvements to the front end user experience for simple events

  • Inline Editor upgraded to Froala version 3

  • Google’s ReCaptcha Service now upgraded to version 3

  • Various improvements to the email template manager including new dynamic fields  for contact prefix and event registration balance

  • Addressed an issue where scholarship line items weren’t being created properly in the bookkeeping solution

  • Fixed an issue where simple events could apply a member discount when the setting was disabled

  • Fixed an issue where ACH payments of identical values would always be seen as a duplicate even if they are for different purposes

  • Solved an issue where scholarship line items wouldn’t show properly on the manage order dialog even though the order balance was correct