Our next generation platform is now out and

it bears a whole host of new features!

100% Mobile Ready

Stellar is now fully manageable from any mobile device. We've made huge improvements to the layouts, scaling, responsive design and even completely replaced certain tools that weren't working right on mobile devices. Now you can manage your entire company while on the go!

Reporting Revamp

We have totally redone the reporting system and we're pleased to show you a completely new never before seen system that gives you an unprecedented level of control with a beautifully simplistic interface. You've never seen anything like this before!

Donations & Pledges

Your contacts can now create pledges to fulfill at a later date. Stellar gives them basic options which you can pre-configure if you'd like. Our dashboard module helps you see when up coming pledges need to be started and you can easily remind contacts about their upcoming commitments.

  • Automatic Soft Credits

  • New Family Builder

  • Family Timeline

  • Improved Caching and Storage Systems

  • Refined email integration

  • Custom CSS

  • Padlocked Tags

  • Cart Integration System

  • Event Cloning

  • Custom Event and Donation receipts

  • So much more ...