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the stellar story

Starry, colorful galaxy at night


Consequently, he is obsessed with the Star Wars saga, especially Luke Skywalker. The idea of a young, small-town farm boy who could save the galaxy from the omnipotent evil empire always appealed to him.


Volunteers assisting an elderly disabled man at a food drive

He discovered that there was a tremendous amount of resources and tools available to the for-profit sector, but these were all too expensive and out of reach for non-profits: organizations that were built by small people with big hearts for the benefit of the world. Providing them with solutions to make them more nimble, more streamlined, and more efficient? This was tantamount to empowering the Rebellion Alliance to achieve greatness.

An ambitious idea. Could it be done?

Overhead image of an office team working together with laptops and tablets

In less illustrious words, Jason wanted to start a project on which he would never stop working. After years of freelance work, he grew tired of putting long hours into projects he would never see again. Stellar lay in sharp contrast to this because it would never cease to develop, improve, and advance. He dreamt of providing a service that carried everything above board – no hidden fees, no contracts, no surprises. Customers would stay because they wanted to.


the stellar separation

The Stellar platform was created with one goal in mind - to unify your non-profit in unimaginable ways. Dozens of applications that don't communicate with each other have plagued non-profits for far too long. We're not just a donor CRM. We're not just an event management and registration system. We're not even just a donation platform. We're all of those combined.

While most other solutions out there focus on just one business aspect of your organization, Stellar handles everything that you deal with behind the scenes on a daily basis. It's the non-profit management system designed to unify all your business operations, automate your data flows, and provide a comprehensive picture of your organization.

Events, registrations, donations, course enrollment, communications - you name it. Stellar can take care of it for you. Take a closer look at the long list of features we have to offer.

reach out!

Got questions about the Stellar story? Want to learn more about what sets us apart? We love meeting curious visitors, so send us a quick message!

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